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I still have the classic combinations available (just enquire here), but if you fancy a much more special cake that not only looks beautiful, but tastes incredible, check my new combinations below.

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Pistachio & raspberry

Perfect combination

Four layers of pistachio sponge, with top and bottom fillings in a combination of pistachio praline buttercream and raspberry buttercream. Middle filling with raspberry buttercream embedding an all-natural raspberry gele

Chocolate & hazelnut

Classic Ferrero Rocher style

Four layers of moist dark chocolate sponge filled from top to bottom with:

  • Vanilla creme

  • Dark chocolate ganache

  • Hazelnut praline crunch

Caramel, apple & almond

A taste of autumn

Four layers of tasty caramel sponge filled from top to bottom with:

  • Vanilla creme

  • Apple and cinnamon gele

  • Almond praline crunch with cinnamon buttercream

Vanilla & strawberry

A twist on the classic

Vanilla sponge in four layers, filled with:

  • Vanilla creme

  • Strawberry gel insert embedded in vanilla buttercream

  • Strawberry crumble on vanilla buttercream

Lemon & raspberry

It says summer all-over

Four layers of tangy lemon sponge filled with:

  • Lemon curd & raspberry buttercream

  • Raspberry gele

  • Lemon creme

Vanilla & chocolate

A chocolate dream

Four layers of classic vanilla sponge  filled from top to bottom with:

  • Dark chocolate creme

  • White chocolate ganache

  • Cookies crunch with chocolate buttercream

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